What I have in common with Popeye the Sailor Man.


I have been obese for some time, and as Popeye once very wisely sang.  “It’s not easy bein me”  I have multiple medical problems all stemming from being obese.  High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Diverticulitis, High levels of insulin resistance, Obstructive Sleep Apnea…. the list goes on.


But i also take heart in the second line of that same song… “Masker of me own Deskiny” and Just like Popeye i do intend to Eat my Spinach, and end up the Master of my own destiny.

You might ask why i am writing this blog? Good question, and also a pretty simple one to answer.

I am going to have a gastric bypass surgery on Tuesday March 11th 2014 at Lafayette General Hospital.

This blog is the method that i am going to use, to track the daily up’s and down’s of weight loss surgery, and how it will impact my life, health, and family.  It will help to motivate me, and perhaps someone else in the future will be able to take advice / or caution from my experiences with this.

It’s my intention to post to this blog on at least a once weekly basis.  I hope to not only fill it with weight loss posts, but general interest information on how the “me” thinks, and what the “me” enjoys and loves.

If any addiction transfer problems happen with me i hope that my previous food and lack of exercise addictions get transferred to good things like a spending time with family / blogging / excercising & loving life additictions.

If you decide to block this content, well that’s probably in your best interests 🙂 so don’t worry about upsetting me…. block away.

If instead you decide to subscribe and follow this…. well I look forward to sharing the good times and the bad ones with you.